Arsenal collection. Almanac of naval articles 2016, part 2 (Russian, pdf)

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Arsenal collection. Almanac of naval articles 2016 part 2. (pdf)

Yu. Pakhmurin. Capture of the Greek blockaderunner Arcadion.

A. Dashyan. Hawkins of kangaroos' country.

V. Galynia. The history of submarine UC76.

S. Patyanin. Armored floating batteries of the Crimean War.

S. Patyanin. Screw corvette Vettor Pisani.

N. Mityukov. The accident of destroyer Habana.

V. Zablotsky, V. Kostrichenko. Ukrayna class torpedo cruisers.

A. Dashyan. Destroyers of Catamarca and Cordoba classes.

A. Dashyan. Greek destroyers of Aetos type.

A. Mitrofanov. Chilean Potemkin.

S. Marchenko. 10th MTB Flotilla in the Aegean (Autumn 1943)

V. Sidorenko, E. Pinak. IJN 1st class naval transports.

Graphic Editor Department.

Yu. Pakhmurin. The Recruit.



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