Arsenal collection, Almanac of naval articles 2017. Part 1. (Russian, pdf)

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Arsenal collection. Almanac of naval articles 2017. Part 1 (pdf)
 A. Dashyan. Polyphemus. The perfect ship to fight the Martians.
 N. Mityukov. Gunboat Valiente.
 N. Mityukov. Gunboat Yara.
 N. Mityukov. Gunboat Delgado Parejo.
 S. Patyanin. The disasters of Viper and Cobra.
  J. Malinowski. Danish torpedo boats of the Huitfeld class.
 S. Patyanin. Colonial cruisers Campania and Basilicata.
 S. Trubitsyn. Cruiser Admiral Spaun.
 S. Patyanin. Cruisers of Almirante Grau class.
 A. Dashyan. Camouflage of Royal Navy ships during the Second World War.
 S. Marchenko. Admiral Hipper vs. convoy WS-5A.



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