Naval campaign magazine, No 12, 2019 (in Russian)

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New but popular Russian magazine for naval history enthusiasts, containing unique materials

2019/12 issue contains:

D. Yakimovich. Danton class battleships.



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Naval Campaign (in Russian) 11/2019 content

1.       A. V. Pastukhov. Chinese screw frigates Hai An and Yu Yuen (and participation of the latter in battle off Shipu 14-15 February 1885)

2.       S. V. Patyanin. Norwegian screw frigate Kong Sverre.

3.       S. V. Patyanin, E. A. Tselikov. Italian protected cruiser Libia (former Turkish Drama)

4.       P. A. Lepikhin. Japanese destroyers of Umikaze class. First IJN oceangoing destroyers.

5.       K. Borgenshtam. Swedish minesweepers of Arholma class.

6.       V. A. Galynya. German river gunboat Vorwarts.

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